When you search for apartment to rent, there are a few conditions you must check prior to renting. Below is the list of general guidelines:

  1. Accessibility and area density. If you possess a car, ensure parking lot is provided. Or else check the surrounding to ensure there’s sufficient parking space. If you do not possess a car, renting apartment near LRT or komuter will be a better option.
  2. Amenities. Some apartments are very basic and they don’t have swimming pool or gym etc. We recommend tenant to rent apartments with swimming pool due to the hot weather in Malaysia.
  3. Tenants staying in the area. Some areas are flooded with students while some areas are flooded with Middle East residence or African residence. Depends on your preference, the tenants in the area may create some cultural differences.
  4. Security of the apartment. More then 50% of the apartments in Malaysia has poor security features. They were built in the earlier days when multi layer security is not popular and it’s expensive. Look for apartments built in the near 3 years to have better security such as access card, guarded gate, patrolling etc.


If you are searching for an apartment, let searchrumah helps you find the right choice that meets your requirements. SearchRumah is one of the most comprehensive apartment finder sites available, and our simple search tools allow you to narrow down apartments by city and state, zip code, even by radius. Once you’ve found your ideal location, you can refine your search by number of bedrooms and bathrooms.


You can easily find apartment for rent in Cyberjaya/Petaling Jaya/Bukit Jalil/Kuala Lumpur/Puchong.  You may also able to view apartment for rent listing via online with apartment’s photos.  If you are looking for apartment for rent, just look for us at www.searchrumah.my.


Apartment for rent Cyberjaya

Apartment for rent Petaling Jaya

Apartment for rent Bukit Jalil

Apartment for rent Kuala Lumpur

Apartment for rent Puchong

Apartment for rent Subang


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